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ILOILOH is where your idea connects with manufacturers. Various images will inspire you, and you can easily create ideas! Revenue will be shared once commercialized.


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After signing up, you will be able to create and post ideas from "Inspiration" page.
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Commercialization project will be launched, once ILOILOH’s PARTNER manufacturer shows interest in your idea.

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Revenue will be shared with you after the new product becomes on sale.
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How to create ideas?

Ideas are combinations of images you select. You can use listed images shared with ILOILOH’s PARTNER manufacturers or community users.

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Kimura Woodcraft Factory

kinokoto / Ascam



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We are inviting manufacturers / craftsmen who look for new inspirations to expand product universe. ILOILOH is easy to join and use as it's like SNS. Registration and idea recruitments are free of charges.

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