A place to create "things that delight"

The experience you have from such products is one in which you can enrich your daily life and further deepen your relationship with people around you by sharing the experience.

They simply make every day for you a positive one.

A commodity products you bought that you thought was "all right" isn't talked about much with your family or boyfriend/girlfriend but products you were excited about buying is something you want to talk about to somebody the moment you find it. ILOILOH is for creating such products in the aim of making a society that enriches people.

What's more, products that you think "this is great" about will change your behavior, and your relationship with people around you.

For example, if a dinner plate you use regularly has a design which conveys its designer's aesthetic sense, you'll feel like trying your best to make dishes that match the level of their container. Although cooking takes time and effort, by improving the flavor of your food, family conversation increases, attention to detail for ingredients is created, and so the flavor will become a familiar family taste, leading to education about food for children.

As another example, if a jacket you wear everyday is filled with little attentive touches of its creator, commuting becomes more fun and will make you positive. Being particular about clothes costs money, but when you wear clothes you love, conversation with your friends increases, and at the same time as learning more about yourself, this leads to discovering a new you. More than anything else, positive people attract people around them who think the same way.

These are the kind of "things that delight" that ILOILOH is aiming for.

The manufacturer needs to be imaginative and innovative, in addition to being particular about aesthetics to make such products. The source of those inspirations and ideas are from the daily experiences people have. With that in mind, ILOILOH became a venue for users from around the world and manufacturers particular about aesthetics to create such products.

ILOILOH cherishes person to person communication, and the "things that delight" which can play a role in this. People's lifestyle has developed along with technology, and has greatly changed compared to the past, but even now, between people, there is nothing except laughter and tears. People learn through contact with other people, and this gives opportunies for a happy life.

ILOILOH will produce "things that delight" that will connect people closer together, and is aiming for a society richer with human connection.

Origin of ILOILOH

ILOILOH is derived from the Japanese words 'iloilo' meaning diverse and 'ilo' meaning color. Our belief that all people of all genders, nationalities, and professions have the creative ability and passion to color the world. Thus, the name ILOILOH was born.


JAXUS Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), operating company of ILOILOH, was founded in 2015. Currently, total 4 members are operating ILOILOH.

It's time to turn your ideas into reality!