What is PARTNER?

What is PARTNER?

Once you register ILOILOH as PARTNER, you can directly recruit various product ideas from ILOILOH's users. Existing users are not only Japanese but also those who are highly sensitive to "products", such as bloggers living in Europe, America, and Asia.

Various manufacturers, including ceramic producers and kimono producers, have already participated.

Daily maintenance time will be up to 5 minutes, as you can use ILOILOH like a SNS. There is no charges for PARTNER registration and recruitment of ideas.

We hope ILOILOH to become useful tool for manufacturers to get awareness of their products or discover new ideas. It will only take 3 minutes to apply.

Overall flow


Please send us your information.


ILOILOH will contact you within 3 business days.


Upload your product images.


ILOILOH will let you know once user posts ideas on your product.

Sample of registered image

Once ILOILOH's partner registration is completed, you can register images of your company's products. When you register an image, a ribbon labeled PARTNER is attached to the product image, and you can tell the user as an official idea recruitment from partner makers.

Sample ideas

Ideas posted on ILOILOH are expressed by combination of images. Images are all shared by community members, including users and PARTNERs.

Please let us know.

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It will only take 3 minutes to apply.