FAQ List

Q1. What is ILOILOH?

ILOILOH is an idea community where you connect with manufacturers to create new products. Our concept is "creating products that make your heart skips a beat." You will find yourself to get inspired, and you can easily create ideas. Revenue will be shared once your ideas turn into real.

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Q2. What is product idea?

A product idea is expressed by combinations of images that users select.

Q3. What makes ILOILOH unique?

ILOILOH is unique at making everyone get inspired.

ILOILOH is not only for people who have ideas, but for everyone to get inspired. Even those who think they are not creative, you will certainly come up with something once you see various images. We believe the source of the idea lies in your life experience.

Q4. Do I have to pay to post product ideas?

No. There are no charges for using the site.

Q5. What is PARTNER ribbon displayed on images?

Images with PARTNER ribbon imply official idea recruitment from ILOILOH's PARTNER manufacturers. Your idea on PARTNER image will directly be sent to respective manufacturer.

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Q6. What happens after I post idea onto ILOILOH?

Once your idea is posted onto the "Idea" page, all users can view, like, share and comment on it. Then, if your idea gets interest from manufacturers, including our PARTNERs, commercialization project will be kicked off. ILOILOH will directly contact you once the project is initiated.

Q7. Do all ideas are commercialized?

Not all ideas are commercialized. When it comes to commercialization, the manufacturer will produce and market the new product within their capacity.

While we do not guarantee that the final prototype or final product will be a precise match with your idea, your idea will serve as the precious inspiration for the manufacturer's actualization of the product.

Q8. What happens if my idea is selected for commercialization?

If your idea catches the attention of the manufacturer, idea commercialization project will begin. The project will be announced to all ILOILOH users and you will be featured on the project page of ILOILOH as inventor of the product. You will get broad recognition within the community.

Once the project is preceded, information about the progress of the project will be updated time to time on the project page. Information such as the release date and location of sales will be posted later in the process on the project page.

Q9. Who sells the realized products?

The manufacturers who created the product will sell the realized products from ILOILOH’s idea. Realized products will be sold on online stores or individual stores designated by the manufacturers. Once the decision is made to create the product, ILOILOH will set up a manufacturer’s page to show the project progress. The manufacturers will present the whole process for ILOILOH users! Then, when it’s ready for sale, the manufacturers will announce where the product will be sold.

Q10. Is there a reward?

Yes, there is a reward, called revenue share.

If your product idea becomes an actual product, you will be able to receive a revenue share, specifically 2% of the total revenue (the initial 10,000 US dollars will be excluded) of the product during the first 12 months from the release date.

Suppose the total revenue is $200,000 during the 12 month, you will receive $3,800 as your revenue share.

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Q11. Can I upload images to use for creating ideas?

Yes, you are able to upload images as many as you want.

Click “Upload Image” from the menu and you will be directed to a page where you are able to choose “Upload” or “Import” images. You must be singed in to Upload/Import images.

For importing images, insert the url of the web page where you found the image. This allows you to directly use images on other websites or blogs.

Q12. Can I edit or delete ideas after posting on ILOILOH?

The ideas you created cannot be deleted, but you can edit them from your own account. Go to “My Account” and your ideas will show up. Click on the bottom right corner of the idea you want to edit and there will be an option to edit. Only the idea title, description, and the theme color can be edited.

Q13. Who owns the idea?

All ideas posted on ILOILOH belong to the respective users. Licenses are issued to each user once ideas are posted on the site. Your license will not expire as long as your idea remains on the ILOILOH site. You can post the idea to your own site or blog.

Q14. Do ideas posted on ILOILOH have patent?

For a patent to be accepted by international institutions, the idea has to be defined and in more detail such as with blueprints. ILOILOH’s ideas serves as an inspiration therefore, ideas on ILOILOH do not qualify for patents. However, you have a license to every idea you post. Your ideas will give influence to the world and will be a start-up point for the manufacturers.

Q15. What if someone copies my idea and posts it onto ILOILOH?

ILOILOH is committed to protecting each of its users and reserves the right to delete duplicated ideas after contacting both parties. Note that while some ideas may appear similar due to images used, ILOILOH will hold both ideas as independent if the idea description indicates differing creative expression.

Q16. Who runs ILOILOH?

ILOILOH is operated by JAXUS Inc, based in Tokyo, Japan. JAXUS Inc. was founded in 2015. Currently, total 4 members are operating ILOILOH.