Champagne Stage


Luxury ”Champagne Stage” set a breathtaking illumination for the bubbles of a champagne, enhancing the elegance. Each component was assembled in Japan and gently adjusted by hand of the craftsmen to create alluring finish.

Origin of product name
"Champagne Stage" comes from theater stage making champagne to look gorgeous.

Stage’s in-built pressure sensitive surface will detect your glass of champagne and gently emit the light. There is a unique beauty to every glass.

Please see the scenes that actually used the champagne stage.

Original idea

Idea Title
Luxury LED coaster for champagne

Idea Description
wanna special luxury LED coaster, just for champagne. How beautiful might be if champagne bubble to be illuminated gently by LED lightning!
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The product, Champagne Stage, was originally just an idea concept, expressed by a combination of coaster, champagne and illumination. The idea was originated from "inspiration" and "problem"

When serving champagne to that special person, if an item like this existed it would create an unforgettable surprise. That was the genesis for the concept of Champagne Stage.

Until now, the majority of illuminated drink coasters have been cheap looking, low quality products. Their lights cycle through different colors automatically, offering little sense of surprise and are wholly incompatible with the sophistication of champagne.

Why commercialized?
Transforming the idea for Champagne Stage into a product was not only about executing ILOILOH's concept, but the fact that no such product existed in the world until now.

Special focus
Over a period of three months, JAXUS perfected the design to bring out the sense of elegance and beauty that champagne embodies in its color and bubbles.

During the process of selecting the right materials and light, an aluminum alloy was chosen for its premium finishing, and the most appropriate color of light to fully compliment champagne. Finally, in consideration of the atmosphere the Champagne Stage creates, attention was paid to how the light illuminates and extinguishes.

① When a filled champagne glass is placed on the Champagne Stage, a soft light below the center of the glass illuminates the champagne bubbles above.

② When the glass is removed from the Champagne Stage, the light gradually extinguishes.

③ To best maintain the beautiful effect created by the Champagne Stage, the light extinguishes after the glass has been illuminated for a period of 3 minutes. If the glass is then temporarily lifted and placed back down, the light illuminates once again.

In order to realize ILOILOH's concept for the Champagne Stage, it was commercially developed by ILOILOH operating company JAXUS.

Champagne Stage

1 piece:120 US Dollar (free shipping)